Friday, April 29, 2016

A little background for you...

Back in 2006 I met this guy while I was waiting tables at a chinese food restaurant in Plymouth MA. By early 2007 he had me convinced to move to Charleston, SC with nothing but our tax returns and a dream. In 2008 our first son was born (I'll refer to him as J throughout this blog). In 2013 after much convincing, bribery and crying, we finally agreed to a second baby (Middle man or MM). After a vicious silent stand off about who would go though the pain and suffering of permanent birth control we had one last baby in 2015 (Baby Girl or BG). Times are tough and child care is expensive, so I quit my job at a call center to stay home with the kids. Its been almost a year now and I literally have nothing to show for it, except that everyone is still breathing. This blog is mostly a journal for how I'm coping with the craziness, one day at a time. You should be aware that my northern background makes me very sarcastic, and my southern surrounding have me blessing hearts inappropriately. Enjoy.
Look at us, all childfree, poor as shit, and happy

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